WIP, approved neurologist a placeholder for me to test posting flash animations. one segment from the 10th year anniversary special story.
I’m still debating how i will handle posting these, to put you into context, this one segment here is part of the self contained 10th year anniversary story,so far there’s 20+ segments like this and it doesn’t even represent half of what’S planned. The continuation of the regular plot on the other hand, has 101 segment right now and that too doesn’t represent the full extend of what i have in mind, so if i wait until they’re fully finished as chapters to post, there won’t be any content to post until 2013-2014, so i’m looking up how old comic-movie-tv-radio serial pulled it out, also i’m looking into alternatives on how to handle the archives because comicpress is made to handle pictures, not flash files, so it’s likely that the site get a total make over to complement that.

So status on the whole Fortissima Treasure Hunters shebang is: in production,big internal reorganisation.